Nebe pirmos jaunystės, tačiau gyvybingi, senos, bet širdžiai mielos ir Jūsų vaizduotei palankios tematikos, be sienų, amžiaus ar galimybių ribų, ištvirkę, bet karštai mylintys - tai mes, SS'iečiai! ;**



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Alice Brandon-Cullen
There's only one place this could lead, but you are the fire, I'm gasoline.

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More than the air that I breathe.
Knew we would crash at the speed that we were going,
Didn't care if the explosion ruined me.
Baby, I loved you dangerously.
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This is gonna hurt, but I blame myself first
Cause I ignored the truth.
Drunk off that love, it fucked my head up,
There's no forgetting you.
Usually I hold the power with both my hands
Tied behind my back.
Look at how things changed, cause now you're the train
And I'm tied to the track.
You've awoken me, but you're choking me, I was so obsessed.
Gave you all of me and now honestly I've got nothing left.
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